Got Some work experience? but, Stuck in the same role?


It’s okay to desire a career change.

Or seek innovative ways to bring more value into your work.

Sometimes you feel stuck, in limbo between your current job

and the opportunities you want to explore. It’s time to thrive.

You have the experience and runway ahead.

Let’s open new doors.




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This is for you, if you are in the early, mid, or late phase of your career, looking for an asset-based, inner-development approach and accountability to make the career breakthrough you’ve been struggling to achieve on your own, while fitting into your busy schedule.

Personal Career Coaching

Ready for your next career move or want to be more valuable at your current workplace, but not sure where to start?

This career clarity coaching can help. Through an asset-based coaching approach, we’ll help you figure out where you are, what you want and need in your career, develop a plan to take action for the next big thing, while positioning yourself to thrive.

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Career Design Fellowship

Join our 3-month transformational career design fellowship program. It offers a flexible and an hybrid option (depending on the cohort) to find, finetune, explore and tailor your experiences towards having a fulfilling and thriving career.

You’ll get an explorative learning experience to to gain the clarity and confidence you need to create a fulfilling career.

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Years  of  Cumulative  Team  Experience.

What’s Next In Your Career?

Attend ‘Professionals Unstuck’ Sessions.

Virtual | Monday – Every 2 weeks | 12:00pm – 1:00pm CAT

Are you eager to find more balance, growth, or impact in your career? Do you sometimes feel bored, burned out, under-appreciated, or not using your strengths at work?

Join our 1-hour ask-me-anything ‘professional unstuck’ coaching session to learn how your skills and experience can be translated into new career possibilities and paths. Simply – reinvent your career.