Prikkle Academy Rwanda’s

Sales, Return, and Client Satisfaction Policy

Thank you for choosing Prikkle Academy Rwanda as your partner in career development.

To ensure clarity, please review our comprehensive policy covering sales, returns, and client satisfaction.

All Sales Are Final: Once a service is purchased, it is considered final. We encourage thorough assessment before committing.
Refund Eligibility: Changes of mind or circumstances don’t automatically qualify for a refund. Your purchase allocates dedicated resources to your unique requirements.
Acceptance of Terms & Conditions: By completing payment, you acknowledge and accept the outlined Terms & Conditions. Review these carefully before finalizing your purchase.
Designated Time Frames & Expectations: While we prioritize service quality, recognizing unique career journeys, we commit to unwavering support even if timelines extend beyond expectations. Take breaks without additional costs; we adapt to the evolving nature of your professional journey.
Flexibility in Collaboration: Our goal is your satisfaction and success on your terms. We provide flexibility, understanding career trajectories aren’t always linear.
Service Satisfaction: We commit to ensuring your utmost satisfaction and success. Reach out directly for prompt and comprehensive assistance. Express concerns whenever needed; we work collaboratively to see a return on your investment.
Open Communication: We highly value open communication. If you have concerns or issues, contact us directly. Your understanding and cooperation contribute to a positive collaboration.
Commitment to Quality: At Prikkle Academy Rwanda, we are dedicated to providing a high-quality and personalized experience.

For questions or clarification on our policies, feel free to contact us. Thank you for choosing Prikkle Academy Rwanda for your career advancement journey.