We help you turn your skills and education into decent careers.

Catalyze your gifts and career, develop high-impact skills, to earn decent incomes, launch innovative solution and find fulfilment.

Welcome to

Prikkle Academy


We’re a edtech company that triggers youths, professionals and organizations to turn their internal gifts, skills, education and resources into decent careers, through immersive, fun and hands-on learning.

Curiosity | Creativity | Co-Creation.

Education for today, relevant for the future of work.

The dynamics of work, skills and education are changing and the current educational system is struggling to catch up. Million of students and professionals in Rwanda and Africa are disengaged and unprepared for the future of work.

Prikkle Academy Rwanda is created to solve this problem.

We are an edtech social enterprise that helps students, professionals and organization in Rwanda and Africa have access to topical tools, premium career resources, stipend and support to find, create and get into decent careers – internships and jobs globally, while contributing to human flourishing.

Through our soon-to-launch platform, your journey looks like this:

1. Discovery: we help you make sense of your skills, stories, talents.

2. Tailored Learning Mission: The discovery analyzes and suggest what, how and where you need to learn relevant skills now,

3. Matching: want to accelerate your growth? Get matched with ‘bright spots’, to win together and as a sounding board,

4. Portfolio: as you learn and take action, we help you build your compelling resume on the go (in minutes).

5. Get interviewed, from anywhere.

6. Here are jobs and internships that match your portfolio, make the choice.


Personalized Learning

We help you start with finding yourself – uncovering your gifts, skills, stories, uniqueness, mindset, education and assets.

Then, this helps you to choose your own career journey, goals and mission, choose your learning paths tailored to your growth.

Fun & Practical

Learning must be fun and exciting – we ignite your curiousity to solve real challenges.

You’ll gain clarity on knowledge and its relevance. Through creative games, and exercises, you’ll seamlessly connect everything you learn to your desired career.


You can’t succeed alone. You need to connect the dots of disciplines, people and resources.

You’ll be introduced
to the support you need to gain accelerated career momentum and a global community of top achievers, a lifelong network of professionals, creating decent jobs globally


For Internship and Job Seekers

Are you a student or graduate?

Have you been looking for an opportunity to gain work experience through volunteering, internship, job or even starting a business?

Let’s equip you with the soft and hands-on skills, toolkits and competence you need to stand out and land your first or next internship and job.

You’re in the right place, click below to get started.

For Professionals

You have the work experience, you are employed, yet you desire to make bigger impacts in your role or looking to move into another fulfilling career.

You want dignity and meaning at the work, you’re seeking for growth opportunities, connection and the professional community to flourish. 

Let’s open up those new possibilities with you.

For Organizations.

You run a organization with a purpose of creating solutions.

You desire to grow your revenue, attract and work with top talents that are engaged and productive, while expanding the reach of your impacts.

We’ll co-design your organization’s  roadmap for accelerated development, and help your team develop the leadership skills towards organization growth.

 Let’s coach you into an empowering organization


LearnWithPrikkle Is Relevant

“The last #LearnWithPrikkle was useful and relevant and I learned how to apply for jobs and internships, and the speaker went through the whole application process starting with the job description and explaining what to focus on when applying for it. I appreciate Prikkle Academy for thinking about the Rwandan community specifically and I appreciate the effort you put in organizing the learning and training spaces.” – Francine I.

Working Here Is Fun

“At Prikkle Academy Rwanda, I developed skills of working in a team as well as I work remotely, then in this organization, working is not a boring thing but a way to learn, grow and help others which makes a good impact on the society, where someone learns and earn.” Jean D.

Wonderful Experience

“It has been a pleasure to work at Prikkle Academy Rwanda and besides being a professional experience, it is a human experience. I have met some wonderful people. I came out of this internship with a lot of professional and human knowledge” – Alice B.