let’s make your skills shine for your next big opportunity.

Strategy & Consultation

You have unique skills, stories and profile. our consulting approach will provide you inspiration,  valuable insights, tailored to your unique professional and career path.

Our strategy sessions delivers:
– A personalized roadmap
– Job market mastery
– Strategic networking plans
– Clear professional goals.

Duration: 2 Hours.

Professional Tools & Revamp

Catalyse your career journey with revamp tools. Our Professional Brand Revamp ensures comprehensive career overhauls for success.

For this session, you can choose from:
– Crafting A Compelling CV
– Crafting An Irresistible Cover Letter
– Optimized Digital Footprint
– Mock Interviews
– Professional Brand Revamp

Duration: 2 hours each.

Leadership & Career Foundation

Set up an excellent foundation for your career success. Our Leadership Development Program shapes self-management and soft skills for current and future leaders. This is a hands-on and case-based learning and experience to accelerate your career.

Our leadership program covers topics such as: self-awareness,  persuasion and negotiation, decision- making, conflict resolution, ruthless execution, adaptation and diversity.

Duration: 1 – 3 Months +

Innovation & Creativity

Unlock your creative and innovative minds with confidence.

You’ll experience how to cultivate the mindset and ability to make all your projects stand out.

This is a simulated, scenario-based and gamified learning experience to accelerate your career.

Duration: 2 Days / 1 – 3 Months+

Strategic Communication & Teamwork

Discover how what you listen to, write, comprehend, and express can be a total game-changer in your career. It’s time to take your professional presence, to new heights. The courses, include:

– Mastering Your Digital Footprint
– Professional Writing and Public Speaking
– Team building.

Duration: 2 Day / 1 Month+

Advanced: End-to-End Career Coaching

Are you in search of a support system to support you until a month after securing your new role? Elevate your career with personalized coaching. The sessions include:

– Workplace Productivity
– Career Development Training
– Entrepreneurship Program

Duration: 3 – 6 months +

"The way all the insights came from the game, when you did the mock interview with me is the most helpful."

Yves Bukuru (African Leadership University)

"I will definitely recommend Prikkle Academy because by the time I joined; with the games and Twitter spaces it has been informative. I've learned a lot from them. Also, there's a lot of opportunities posted so anyone deserve to be part of this academy and take advantage."

Kotoklui Grace

"I so enjoyed Prikkle Academy Rwanda's work, it help me out to refresh my mind and knowing how I can deal with the big challenges..."

Jean Irazuwayo

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