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Welcome to Prikkle Academy Rwanda.

Welcome to Prikkle Academy Rwanda, where we’re not just about careers – we’re about transforming lives.

In a world filled with talent and industry challenges, we’ve identified key issues that students, professionals, and the industries face: poor soft, hard, and tech skills, unmet productivity expectations, skill mismatches, underemployment, and a lack of community and peer support.

That’s why we catalyze the gifts, education, and careers of students and professionals towards developing high-impact skills, earning decent incomes, launching innovative solutions, and finding fulfillment, while leveraging different digital technologies to overcome barriers.

  • 1. Unveil: we help you discover your hidden stories, successes, and unknown assets.

  • 2. Ignite: you’ll get a personalized toolbox of resources to reskill and upskill your hard, soft, and personal skills.

  • 3. Catalyze: access to peer mentorship and join a community of professionals for accountability, to accelerate your success.

  • 4. Connect: you’ll have access to local and global platforms, communities, competitions, jobs, linkages and events.

  • 5. Community: you’ll become part of a global community of top achievers, creating a lifelong network of ethical professionals.

Our Team

Damilola Fasoranti

Damilola Fasoranti

Career Catalyst Coach

Top-notch leader and multi-award winning social entrepreneur and non-profit manager, who has worked with top professionals across 6 continents, for the last 15 years. He’s a fellow of over 5 prestigious global programs, including the Dalai Lama Fellowship. He’s pursuing an MBA (in view) from Strathmore Business School, Kenya and the current Vice President (Projects) of Junior Chambers International, Rwanda.

Specialties: Coaching, Strategy, Creativity Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Transformational Facilitation.

Rachael Arowolo

Rachael Arowolo

Program Manager

8 years+ experience in project management & research. Helping young people and organizations navigate complex decisions to bring about impactful & sustainable solutions. A graduate of Public Administration and a Masters Degree in Health Policy and Management. She’s passionate about Technology (specifically on how data can be leveraged for personal, business and global development).

Specialties: Project Management, Research, Training & Facilitation, Personal and Youth Development.

Enatha Turikumwenayo

Enatha Turikumwenayo

Business Development Officer

She strongly believe in the power of professional networking, recognizing its invaluable support throughout her career journey.

Her academic pursuits have significantly enhanced her competency, fostering collaboration and effective time management.

Joining Prikkle Academy Rwanda presents another pivotal opportunity for professional growth and development.

Specialities: Community Mobilization, Marketing & Sales, Training & Facilitation.

Girish Nuckchady

Girish Nuckchady

Trainer and Facilitator

He has 25+ years’ experience in training and development, as a trainer, facilitator and in senior management position. He is passionate about people development and leadership. He started his career as a lecturer at the University of Mauritius where he stayed for five years before being appointed in 1991 as General Manager of a state-owned enterprise engaged in training. Since 2001, Girish has its own businesses. An accredited Master Trainer with British Council on Core Skills (21st Century Skills), School Leadership and Inclusive Education.

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