Welcome to Effective Altruism Rwanda. Connect With Others To Do Good Better!

Effective Altruism Rwanda (EA Rwanda) is the Rwanda chapter of the global effective altruism community, open to anyone interested in engaging more closely with the ideas of effective altruism.

We are a research and practical community, finding the best way and taking action to help others do the most good, using reason and evidence.

We aim to foster collaboration, and facilitate learning and the exchange of information among members.

About EA Rwanda

Effective Altruism is about doing good better, with what you have, get and share. It is a research field and practical community that aims to find the best ways to help others, and put them into practice.

Effective Altruism Rwanda is focused on bring together students and professionals in Rwanda who are looking for ways to leverage their resources — skills, gifts, networks and career — to do good better. This is a growing community and we invite you to join us.


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We run monthly virtual and physical events, covering a wide range of activities: speaker events, workshops, discussion groups, socials, co-working, retreats, and many more.

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What is Effective Altruism?
What is Effective Altruism?
The Effective Altruism Handbook
The Effective Altruism Handbook
Apply to join the Effective Altruism Introductory Program. It's Free! It's for 8 weeks.
Apply to join the Effective Altruism Introductory Program. It's Free! It's for 8 weeks.

Complete a virtual program.

EA Virtual Programs are opportunities for anyone around the world to engage intensively with the ideas of effective altruism through readings, videos, podcasts, exercises, and weekly small-group discussions.

Each program lasts 8 weeks, and you’ll have weekly 1-hour discussions with a cohort of 3-5 participants and one facilitator. Before attending each discussion, you’ll spend roughly 2 hours completing a set of readings (and sometimes a brief written exercise).

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