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We connect you to high-quality students and professionals early in their career who want to learn on the job by creating value in your organization.

Catalyzed by Prikkle Academy Rwanda. Tailored To Your Organization’s Development.

Hiring top talents can be tough. After hiring, ensuring your team have the relevant skills and attitude to consistently accelerate growth and drive results can be tougher.

We’ll help you to develop the leadership skills and tools to accelerate growth, increase the ability of
influence, build high performing, self-driven teams, effectively lead in a fast-growing environment and
disruptive industry.

  • We connect you to top talents – high-quality students and professionals who are just starting their career, who are eager, motivated and equipped to create value for your business and learn on the job. Our talents go through 90 days of professional development before they are matched with your company, refined and ready to start strong from the first day.

How It Works

Tell us your hiring needs

  • Prikkle Rwanda Talents are matched to a wide range of tech and non-tech roles where they can pick up transferable skills (soft and hard) and create value for your business. They are suited for entry-level customer success, marketing, and business development positions but are not limited to those role types.

Connect with our top talent

Our placement team will review your company’s needs. If your needs match our talent’s profiles and gets approved, we’ll work with you to find the best talent for your organization. You’ll review our talent profiles and set up interviews instantly. We propose that hiring decisions are made within 5 business days.

Continued training and support

  • Prikkle Academy talents receive ongoing training from professional mentors and advisors, with workshops to help them grow as an apprentice, intern or employees in your organization. Our placement team also co-create evaluation and organizational management support (where necessary).

Affordable Fees, High & Lifelong Impact.

Prikkle Rwanda Hiring Partners

6 months professional talent-organization match for accelerated business growth and development.

As a Prikkle Rwanda hiring partner, you gain access to new talent every month, that are committed and professional employees, that will help you identify, leverage and maximize different business opportunities.

Our hiring partners and candidates have the best experience when there is a high-level of buy-in on both sides. Minimum monthly pay for new hires starts at $500 and you complete simple monthly check-ins with Prikkle Rwanda placement team to ensure success.


We have a growing list of Business Partners in Africa and Europe. Hundreds of talents are in our training pipeline, ready to be hired by some of the top startups across the continent.

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